T Boogie – Spring Thomas

Hi Boys! Welcome back to SpringWorld, and this week…guess what? I get to break in an awesome *new* negro named T. Boogie. He’s a wonderful colored boy I found on an internet personals site, and he’s wonderful because he’s a thick nine incher. You know how much I love to slay these African-Americans, and T. Boogie was no exception. I start off reading him some fan mail from you guys, and the next thing you know, I’m blowing his extra-thick black package. Whoa! Is it thick!! I mean I could barely get my mouth around it. Oh…look about half-way through the scene…when I start riding that stud…I cream all over him. How embarrassing, and, at the same time, exciting! I cream his black dick till it’s coated white, and just about then, he returns the favor and coats me white! And what a white-washing I got…all over my face! Like most coloreds, his thick black seed was mighty and abudant, and I had to take a long shower after this one. Whew…another black cock, slayed. XOXO — Spring.

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