The Whiteboy – Spring Thomas

Hi Everybody! Welcome back, and I’d like to introduce you to my new boyfriend. I call him Whiteboy. He’s so nice. Sometimes he’s kinda annoying, but what Whiteboy isn’t? He’s also hung like most Whiteboys — five and a half inches on a very good day. Well, one day a birdie landed on my shoulder and whispered into my ear a very secret place. In this secret place is a thing called a Gloryhole. If you don’t know what a gloryhole is, well…you’ll just have to join my site and find out! 😉 This gloryhole is in a colored part of town, and lots of negros know about it. So I go there a lot. I don’t know the men I entertain when I’m there, but that’s no biggie. For this week’s update I dragged Whiteboy along with me to watch as I please two anonymous negros. I let Whiteboy touch my boobies for 5 whole seconds while we were in there, and at the end, I allow Whiteboy to please himself against the Gloryhole wall! It was pretty funny watching him stroke that tiny meat, but he was so good he deserved at least that. What fun! Until next week — XOXOXO — Spring PS: Me and Whiteboy broke up yesterday…wanna be my next BF? 🙂

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